4 Tips on how to sell your home quicker

4 Tips on how to sell your home quicker

sell-home-fastSometimes personal or financial situations can leave home owners with no choice but to sell up. Obviously we’d all prefer to time the market to maximise profitability, however it’s not always possible. But it’s not always about what the markets’ doing. There are a few other factors contributing to the success of your home’s sale.

Let’s take a look at four handy tips to help you sell your home faster in virtually any market.

1. Find an experienced agent

Make sure you conduct thorough research on local real estate agents. Compare as many as you can until you find one that will work with you, not for you. If you live in a smaller town or perhaps a regional area, try and work with an agent that you may already have built solid rapport with.

Honesty and transparency is something to really value within an agent-vendor relationship. They can also advise you on particular improvements to ensure your home is in its most appealing state to potential buyers.

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2. Make any suggested improvements or enhancements

Discuss that you’re pondering selling your home in the near future, then carry out any recommended improvements, renovations or presentation techniques by your agent.
As much as you think you may have initially hit the nail on the head with no room for improvement, there’s generally always something that could be presented in a better fashion.

Simple cosmetic repairs are usually both a starting point and a focus point for buyers and sellers. This is where to concentrate on enhancement, as this is what buyers notice. Think small for a big impact.

After repairing or conducting maintenance procedures on the simple aspects, focus on things like perhaps giving the kitchen a paintjob and maybe some tilework or tap and vanity work in the bathroom. These relatively inexpensive renovations can surprisingly go a long way.

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3. Determine a competitive pricing strategy

Sometimes setting your asking price too high from the get-go can be a detrimental start to your selling campaign. Coming up with a reasonable but still profitable asking figure can be one of the most difficult things about selling your property. Make sure it’s competitive, taking into consideration any recommendations with your real estate agent.

Despite what you think your home is worth, your agent will always be the expert, and listening to their thoughts on the matter will benefit you dramatically.

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4. Fully utilise photos and staging

Professional-looking images attached to your print or online listings is just simply not enough these days. Staging is always a good idea for open houses, however virtual staging has now just recently come in to the mix of seller’s tools. You can now use software to add furnishings etc. to rooms and areas of your home to give buyers an idea of what it will look like.

It can be very difficult to imagine what will look good where, with photos of a completely empty home on display.

Virtual staging was designed purposefully to help with this and will increase the number of interested buyers quite easily.

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