Properties and how to sell them for more

Properties and how to sell them for more

sell-your-home-for-moreLet’s face it – everyone wants the best price for their property. When you use a professional real estate agent it’s actually not an impossible task. They’ll be able to give you an accurate valuation of your home, and tips on what you might do to get a really terrific price. As a profession, good real estate agents won’t make claims or promises and will give you insights on properties throughout Australia. All of this can help to make your property more attractive to potential buyers.

Choosing the right real estate agent – What you need to know

How much can you expect from your house?

Experienced real estate agents will be familiar with your local housing market, price movement of property and the recent sales in the area. With this in mind, they can tell you how much can be obtained for your home. An appraisal is an honest and unbiased viewpoint that can help you to set a realistic sale price, ensuring a solid profit without putting off possible buyers.

Nail that marketing

As soon as you’ve listed your property, it’s time to start marketing. It’s really important to spread the word through your local community that your home is up for sale. Make sure you use promotional materials such as fliers, signs and letterbox drops; as well as other print media solutions such as posters.

Digital marketing is also another potential source of advertising when selling your home. This can be especially useful when reaching young property buyers. It will also allow your home to be listed in popular online search engines.

Make sure you use striking photographs of your home – not pictures from your phone. Whether advertising online or by physical means, good photos can make the world of difference. Also, make a feature sheet. This shouldn’t simply copy your listing, but should embellish and include facts and features that stand out.

Making efforts like this can help to make your property leap off the page for potential buyers, and can also come in handy when negotiating the best price.

Why you should be using video to sell your home

Let the house do the selling

It’s easy to become over-passionate about your home, which unfortunately opens you up to bad selling choices. Generally speaking, buyers make their decision based on their experience during their visit to the property – it’s their chance to get up close and personal with their potential future home.

When trying to create a good first impression, it’s imperative that the house is clean. You might also want to consider repainting, cleaning out the yard and doing small jobs such as fixing appliances. The better a first impression you can make, the higher the chances are that the buyer will want to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

9 Top tips for selling your home

Negotiating for glory

Remember that buyers will almost always try to negotiate a lower price so that they can get more for their money. It doesn’t have to go down like that though. With an experienced estate agent who is skilled in leading negotiations, you can expect the buyer to come around to the idea of the original asking price.

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