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Understanding The Self-Managed Landlord’s Legal Obligations

The Landlord-Tenant Law outlines how landlords and tenants interact, their rights and obligations, and sets out the regulations you are required to follow. Each state and territory has its own laws, but there are five basic obligations that all landlords must adhere to: Maintenance management Liability limitations Managing a bond or security deposit The disclosure.

Metrics You Need To Track In Real Estate

Rents and sales prices are only part of the picture when it comes to real estate investments. A good management strategy requires knowledge of which indices are needed to closely observe (track). Real estate investors and managers can improve their overall performance by tracking these indices or metrics. These metrics relate to income-producing properties (investment.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes Real Estate Agents Must Avoid

The last few years have seen real estate professionals becoming increasingly aware of the importance of social media. Most of them, however, struggle with the process and make the same mistakes over and over again. Managing online marketing isn’t just a challenge for realtors.  There are similar difficulties facing businesses in general. As online marketers.

Finding a Reputable Contractor for Your Rental Property

Your rental business needs maintenance, whether you’re planning a major renovation, needing an emergency repair, or needing a maintenance team. Make sure to choose carefully. You don’t just need a contractor; you’re looking for someone you can rely on. You’ll never have to search for qualified maintenance support again if you find a reliable contractor..

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