Three Key Home Areas Needing Attention When Planning To Sell Your Property

Three Key Home Areas Needing Attention When Planning To Sell Your Property

Selling your property can be nerve-wracking and challenging, especially if you have no experience selling one before.

While it can be less stressful if your house is in perfect condition, your difficulty level can go up when your property has seen the best of times and may not have been consistently or diligently maintained.

So, many aspirant sellers would surely want to know what goes on in the mind of potential buyers. Who wouldn’t, right? 

Take note that not all buyers are the same and for those who are not planning to get one as an investment property their needs are often centred towards properties that they can establish a genuine and special connection with.

Understanding the needs of home buyers

Although buyers have different preferences, industry experts believe that three home areas are commonly attracting the attention of buyers based on years of sales experience in the real estate market.

Your real estate agent would agree that you can get an advantage over your price points when you establish a neutral style and ambience to your home. 

While you may not directly appeal to the detailed nuances of each buyer, neutral space or style can provide them with a canvas where they can realise their style preferences for the property.

It is more of giving them the freedom to get creative and innovative with the canvas that you provide and will give them that “special feeling” when they see your property.

Liven up your living room

Remember that what you are selling is your property and not your furniture or appliances, so make sure that when staging your living room area to showcase it well.

Allow your living room to become the star of the presentation, accentuated by furniture, lightings, or appliances that would make it look appealing to the buyer. Do not attempt to overdecorate lest you lose the buyer’s interest in giving them the free hand to picture it the way they like.

Make use of furniture and appliances to show various perspectives but not too much that it overwhelms the space. Always focus on giving it more room for potential buyers to see themselves in it. 

Remove any personal fixtures, portraits, or knick-knacks that will create an impression that they are in your space and restrict them from their momentary freedom of creativity and imagination.

Don’t forget to deep clean upholstery to make it appear clean, as well as remove stains or unpleasant smells that may emanate from it.

Master bedroom

Another most sought-after area in the home is the master bedroom, where it should evoke a feeling of comfort, calm, and relaxation. 

Redesigning the master bedroom need not be necessary, but simply rearranging furniture and allowing it to look and feel more comfortable can make a lot of difference for most buyers.

Do take note that a lot of buyers these days are more appreciative of the minimalist look, so you might want to take advantage of this tip.

Buyers will also likely inspect adjacent cabinets, wardrobe, and built-in cupboards, so make sure to clean it out and allow them to see how much space they have in it.

Don’t forget to make the master bedroom spotless and thoroughly clean.

Kitchen area

The heart of the home, the kitchen is a common area that does not fail to demand an inspection from any buyer. People spend a lot of time entertaining guests and family in the kitchen as a common and informal gathering area.

Buyers spend most of their time inspecting the kitchen and checking out the appliances, cabinets, space, and furnishings as they calculate how they can improve or renovate it with their remaining funds.

As the seller, focus on making your kitchen immaculately clean, with your pantry and cupboards well-organised, clutter-free, and properly lighted.

Make sure your countertops are free from any worn-out kitchen tools or appliances and clean the surfaces. Invest in having your stainless steel fixtures polished for deep scratches and sanitised, such as the sink, décor or accents.

Other areas that can help you boost your home’s saleability

You don’t have to spend much to prep your home for sale and give it the extra boost it needs to make it more appealing to buyers.

Brighten your walls and take down heavy curtains

Many buyers love the natural lighting in homes so give your house the “light” treatment such as adding a fresh coat of lighter paint colours to give it a new look and allow it to reflect more light coming into the room.

Remove any dark and heavy drapery and replace it with light-coloured curtains or blinds.

Mow your lawn

First impressions as always lasting and your lawns are often the first contacts that buyers will have of your property, so make sure that it looks pristine and well-kept.

There are other options if you need a quick fix such as returfing with pre-grown lawn strips, synthetic turf, or using a colourant. While these may cost a bit more, it can help you give your lawn the fresh look it needs to attract buyers.

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