Understanding Common Strata Property By-Laws

Understanding Common Strata Property By-Laws

When you are living in a strata property, then you are familiar with standards property by-laws to keep all property owners on the same page and maintain a level of order within the complex.

However, some often get confused with property by-laws due to misconceptions caused by several factors beyond the control of property owners, such as unique guidelines from previous landlords, building designs, local regulations, and varied zoning peculiarities, just to name a few.

Nonetheless, it is always important to stay informed and be aware of the different strata property by-laws where you happen to reside.

Here are some of the common strata by-law myths to help guide you and avoid getting into trouble with your neighbours or property owners.

No Smoking

Many people assume that a strata complex prohibits smoking within the property premises. However, this may not be the case, as there are quite many strata property complexes that designated smoking areas.

Smoking may be allowed in certain strata properties only when explicitly specified in the by-laws and as long as it does not pose any disturbance or annoyance to neighbours in the property complex.

Pets Not Allowed

Similar to smoking regulations, pet ownership can also be allowed in strata properties provided that residents follow rules and regulations about pet care and ownership within the property.

It is important doe pet owners to adhere to property by-laws to avoid any confusion or problems with residents who are not pet owners, as well as those who do not want to be disturbed by the presence of pets in the complex.

Pet owners are also advised to observe due diligence such as having their pets undertake required and routine vaccinations and periodic examinations to ensure the health and well-being of pets.

No Airbnb hosting

While most strata property owners allow hosting for transient tenants such as Airbnb and the like, hosts must make sure to inform their guests regarding by-laws and rules of the property.

One major concern that Airbnb hosts need to be aware of is to ensure that guests do not pose as a nuisance to neighbours.

Some states in New South Wales have ruled that while hosting is allowed, guests are strictly guided to remain compliant to policies even when the host is absent from the property as well as letting strata property corporate owners are aware that you are engaged in AirBNB hosting and other short-term letting practices.

My property, my rules

While strata property owners are entitled to their rights to enjoy activities or parties within their property, it is imperative that owners need to be sensitive and responsive to the demands of community living. One of these is to avoid disturbing or disrupting neighbours during parties or other activities that you are hosting.

Just make sure to avoid impacting neighbours who also have the right to complain against noise, disruptive behaviour, barbecue, or cigarette smoke getting into their property domains.

By-laws are binding and mandatory

By-laws are created to ensure the mutual agreement of rules and regulations within the property for the benefit of all residents in the property.

But while these by-laws are binding, it is not absolute and when there are issues that are raised collectively or any provision that becomes inappropriate or defective for the general residents, it can be amended or modified.

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