Lawn-free landscapes to counter climate change effects

Lawn-free landscapes to counter climate change effects

Many homeowners have opted to use low-maintenance landscape solutions replacing turf, especially since the progressing global climate change has made it challenging and more expensive to maintain lavish yards and gardens.

A popular solution that has recently been making waves is what many calls as permeable landscaping, which has been developed to optimise landscapes to adapt to drought conditions and protect gardens from storms and flooding, as well as provide protection for houses.

Permeable landscaping

As the name suggests, permeable landscaping refers to a garden design that allows water to penetrate the soil easily and minimise, better yet, eliminate the risk of flooding.

While it commonly involves the use of trees and plants like any type of garden, with permeable landscaping it makes use of materials and layouts that allow water to flow through and around surfaces easily without causing water from pooling or forming a puddle.

There are a variety of materials both natural and manmade that can be incorporated as landscape elements.

Gravel and crushed stone

Common and readily available gardening materials, gravel and crushed stones are among the most inexpensive yet highly effective options to replace grassed areas. It can be loosely laid on top of levelled areas and allow rainwater to seep through to the ground below.

These are ideal for walkways, driveways, and small areas.

Dry-laid paving tiles and blocks

Avoiding the use of a concrete or cemented base prevents rainwater from collecting as it passes through the gaps between pavers. These blocks or tiles are simply installed on a layer of gravel or sand instead of concrete.

It also allows for easy design or layout changes since the pavers are not fixed to the base.

Reclaimed blocks can be used as pavers as well, which are also ideal for permeable landscaping because of the block’s porous properties to make water flow easily.

With today’s changing climate and altering weather changes, it is not surprising to find most natural gardens cannot survive the rapidly changing and harsh conditions. With permeable landscaping, you may be able to minimise the chances of your lawn or garden from getting soaked in water, but it also gives you the assurance that your lawns and gardens could last for a long time.

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