Effective ways to reduce stress during rental inspections

Effective ways to reduce stress during rental inspections

Let’s face it, rental inspections can be stressful and nerve-wracking. Oftentimes, it ends up with the landlord demanding for numerous cleaning jobs or could find something wrong in the rental property.

As much as it is with tenants, it can also be stressful for landlords themselves, which could eat up a lot of time, effort, and could get in conflict with the tenant.

However, rental inspections should be embraced in a different light. Instead of the process being a stressful proposition, it can actually be an invaluable opportunity for tenants to raise concerns within a rental property, while it is an opportunity for landlords to check the upkeep and condition of the property.

By understanding and accepting the benefits of rental inspections, both parties may be able to remove the stress factors from the equation and make it more productive in maintaining their landlord-tenant relationship.

Preparing for a rental inspection

It would be wise to start off with the original property condition report, which would allow renters to become aware of the original state of the property at the time of occupancy. It will also help prepare landlords to set expectations with the tenants throughout the course of the lease contract and the areas which are likely to be covered during routine rental inspections.

This can also help both parties to be proactive, for instance, renters can raise a concern when a problem occurs such as informing the landlord if a maintenance issue requires the landlord’s attention or if the repairs can be done by the tenant themselves.

Landlords also expect the property to be clean and in the condition with which they turned it over to the renter. The inspections usually start from the kitchen and bathroom, followed by inspections of the carpets and garden. This would hint renters to clean these areas thoroughly and when landlords find these done correctly, they usually give the tenants a passing grade for the inspection.

Another stress eliminator is knowing when these rental inspections occur. For instance, some areas require landlords to inspect the rental property once every three months of continuous occupancy. Other states also regulate no more than four times in a year.

Landlords, on the other hand, must provide no less than seven days’ notice before the inspection process.

What tenants need to know

For renters, it is important to have a checklist of things to do in order to pass a rental inspection.

Renters need to thoroughly check for the general condition and cleanliness of the property, monitor wet areas for potential water damage or presence of moulds, check the tidiness and health of the garden, lawn and trees in the property.

Inside the property, the tenant needs to inspect the exhaust fans and have it cleaned thoroughly and making sure that the oven is in good order and meet the standard for cleanliness.

What landlords must consider

Having a checklist for inspection lets landlords inspect the property thoroughly and in an organised fashion, rather than do it aimlessly and spend more time in a disorganised manner.

Landlords could start testing windows and doors whether it functions properly, check for signs of pipe or tap leaks, make sure that water flows freely.

This is followed by checking the condition of weatherboards, bricks or tiles for signs of breakage, observe for possible indications of dampness or wood rot, check the hot and cold water supply, as well as pressure and temperature readings.

Finally, check for signs of rust or termite damage.

Why are the inspections necessary?

Rental inspections are a critical part of the process, considering that both the landlord and tenant must be aware of the condition and status of the property to avoid issues or conflicts that may arise over time.

It provides both the landlord and the tenant the opportunity to ensure that the property is in good working condition.

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