Make a Great First Impression with These Open House Hacks

Make a Great First Impression with These Open House Hacks

Open CurtainsWhen looking for new properties, buyers usually base their searches on budget, the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, property condition, and a handful of other factors. However, an open house event gives you a unique opportunity to control what people think of your home.

If you want to make the best possible impression to budding buyers, you need to make your property stand out. Read on to discover our open house backs to capitalise on first impressions.

Make a Powerful Statement

Repainting your entire property can be time-consuming, as well as costly if you decide to hire a professional to get the job done. So, if you don’t absolutely need to do it, you can still capture your buyers’ attention by painting your front door. This will create a powerful first impression of your home, which can be built upon by weeding any potted plants, replacing the doorknob and adding a new doormat.

Work on Your Back Yard

With the warm weather we get in Australia, your back yard is essentially another room to your property. As a result, it’s not just your interior that’s going to be selling your property.

A well-utilised back yard can make your entire property that much more appealing, so it’s worth investing in professional landscaping. If that’s out of your budget, simply trim down any overgrown hedges and grassy areas, power-clean your pathways and add in potted plants to give the space some colour.

Remove Clutter and Personal Items

The last thing potential buyers want to see is clutter and a home covered in items that remind them of the old owners. They need to be able to picture themselves within your home, so cut down on clutter and remove any personal items which could make you seem overly attached to the property.

Freshen Up the Air

If you’ve lived in your property for a while, it’s natural for your smell (and the smell of any pets) to cling to fabrics. And whilst this might be comforting for you, it can be off-putting for buyers.

As a result, it’s best to clear the air. Consider adding in some diffusers with essential oils, or wall plugins to neutralise any odours. Open your windows and ventilate your property, and look into air purifiers to get the job done more quickly.

Let There be Light

If your property is lacking in lighting, your atmosphere could be depressing for potential buyers. If it’s dark, they won’t be able to take a proper look at the rooms of your homes.

For this reason, if you’re hosting an open house during the day, make sure you get as much natural light through the windows and doors as possible. Nobody wants to live in a dark home, so if you need to, remove curtains from your walls altogether.

Offer Your Guests Refreshments

Buying a house is a big decision, and some of your guests will spend hours walking around your property taking it all in. If they’re close to making a buying decision, you don’t want them to leave to get something to eat or drink.

Tackle this by offering basic snacks and refreshments. Not only will they stay for longer, they’ll also feel more relaxed, welcome, and able to ask questions they might have otherwise left to an email.

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