How to Choose the Right School for Your Child Before Buying a Property

How to Choose the Right School for Your Child Before Buying a Property

Australian StudentLooking to buy a property in the catchment area of a popular local school? Think about which school is going to be right for your child first. 

Sure, it’s a well-known fact in real estate that properties near popular schools experience strong capital growth. But if it’s not a school your child is going to thrive in, is the money really worth it? You might think finding the best school for your child is a difficult process, but fortunately, it’s easier than you might think. Read on to discover the 3 key tips you need to follow to getting them the best possible education.

1) Ask the Right Questions

First things first, you need to work out which kind of school will be right for your child. Ask yourself the following:

What interests does my child have?

Are they academic, sporty, theatrical or artistic? Schools quickly gain a reputation for being strong in certain areas, others for being more rounded.

What learning style best suits my child?

Different schools take different approaches to education. Find out which one works best for your child.

How does my child handle authority and discipline?

Some children will react well to a firm line of discipline, such as detentions being issued for shirts being caught out. Others will become demotivated and perform less well.

What size of school will be best?

If you’ve got an outgoing, sociable child, a larger school could work well. If they’re more shy, they might be best suited to a smaller school.

2) Use Social Media to Your Advantage

20 years ago, you’d have to rely on word of mouth and what the teachers themselves say when you meet with them. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to reach out to parents directly.

Use social media to your advantage and get in touch with parents on Facebook to get feedback from them directly. If that doesn’t work, have a look for local communities that has ties to the school in question and reach out for answers to your questions.

3) Use the Tried and Tested, Old-Fashioned Approach

Sometimes relying on your gut is the best way forward. You know your child, as well as what kind of environment they’ll react well to. So, head down to the school in person and ask for a tour around the facilities. You’ll immediately pick up a feel for the environment and school culture.

Speak with the principal in person to discuss any extra-curricular activities (a great opportunity for your child to make friends and explore their interests), as well as the bullying policies they have in place. You should also use this opportunity to try and sit in on a few lessons to see the teacher’s educational methods.

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