Storm-Proofing Your Investment Property

Storm-Proofing Your Investment Property

Melbourne Lightening StormThe warmer months in Australia bring a whole host of benefits – long days by the pool, chilling out with friends and family and enjoying some fine barbecued food. However, they also bring other dangers in the form of storms.

During these times, although you should place a firm focus on the safety of you and your loved ones, you also need to think a little deeper – how is your investment property going to handle the pressure?

Whilst it might not be hiding under the table like the family pet, your investment home will likely be put under a lot of physical stress, and if it’s not up to the task, you can rack up a hefty repair bill. So, what can you expect to deal with, and what can you do in advance to protect your investment property during stormy months?

Clean Your Gutters

When was the last time you cleaned your gutters? We’re willing to bet it was a little while ago. Take the time to clear these out, as well as any downpipes, to reduce the risk of water ending up where you don’t want it. If you don’t do this, you could well end up with flooding and potential roof damage.

Repair Your Roof

If you didn’t get around to cleaning your gutters at the time of the last storm, you might be left with a bit of roof damage this time around. Your roof needs ot be able to absorb any pressure that a storm exerts on it, namely heavy wind and rain. To do this, it needs to be in top condition.

If you’re unsure of how your roof is holding up, many roofing companies will be willing to come down and give you a consultation free of charge.

Trim any Overhanging Branches

In addition to physical property maintenance, you should also look to the surrounding area. Why? Because whilst you can boost your roof strength to withstand a storm, there’s not much you can do about a tree falling on it.

Check the perimeter of your property for any old trees with overhanging branches, and arrange to have them taken down. If they’re leaning over power lines, however, ensure you hire a professional to handle this potentially dangerous job for you.

Look into Surge Protection

If lightning strikes on your property, a surge protector could be the difference between safety and serious damage. Help your tenants protect their electrical equipment by installing surge protection technology into your home and keep your tenants safe.

In addition to the above points, here are some issues you should also bear in mind:

  • Repair any Rotting Timber
  • Secure Awnings and Shade Cloth

Focus on these tips and your investment property will be ready to weather the next storm that rolls into town.

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