How To Effectively Sanitise Your Home With Pets

How To Effectively Sanitise Your Home With Pets

There’s no doubt that any pet dog or cat’s living and playing spaces at home need to be clean at all times, not just because of wanting to make your dogs and cats feel fresh and clean but also for major health reasons that could affect you and your family as well.

Just like humans, dogs and cats need to have clean spaces to prevent germs and viruses from affecting them and prevent them from endangering the health of those living with them. However, there are proper ways to ensure how to clean and sanitise your pet areas.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) couldn’t have said it any better, keeping healthy pets keep people healthy, too. Studies have supported theories that having pets can be both physically and mentally beneficial for people. 

But just like humans, animals also need a clean environment to stay healthy. You can always go to any pet doctorand ask what’s the best way to prevent the spread of diseases among pets and most, if not all, would agree that cleanliness is a major contributor to good health at home to keep your family and pets safe and healthy.

How to sanitise areas frequented by your pets

Cleaning your pet space is not limited to just washing it with soap and water. It demands a bit more effort in making sure that it is free of fecal waste, hair and other materials that germs and viruses can attach to, then follow through by disinfecting it.

The longer the pet area is exposed to waste materials, the greater the risks of your dog or cat catching diseases, so a regular clean-up is necessary. 

Know what cleaning materials to use

It is important to note that not all commercial disinfectants you find on grocery shelves are totally safe for your pet dog or cats. 

When in doubt, ask for recommendations from a pet specialist or veterinarian on which cleaning agents can be safely used and application methods to thoroughly sanitise your pet areas.

Clean before you disinfect

It is strongly advised to clean your pet areas first by removing all waste matter that you can find. Disinfectants may be highly effective in killing bacteria and germs, but it cannot remove waste matter. 

First, remove any leftover food from feeding bowls, then set it aside.

Remove all bedding materials or fabrics, if any, in your pet’s sleeping area. Make sure that you work on disposing of the waste outdoors or in an open area with adequate ventilation. 

Use soap and water to clean any stubborn dirt or stains then rinse thoroughly with water. After which, you can begin disinfecting the items thoroughly one at a time.

Don’t forget to always read the packaging instructions of cleaning products to avoid getting hurt during cleaning or disinfecting.

Make sure everything is dry

Now that you have disinfected the pet area and other items, make sure that everything is dry before you let your pet dog or cat back inside the house.

Make sure that you also bathe your pet before letting them in. Repeat the same process at least once a week for optimal results.

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