Tips On Tidying A Home Easily And Systematically

Tips On Tidying A Home Easily And Systematically

A home or living space that is well-organised and tidy can have a lot of benefits and allow you to have more control of your home environment.

It has been found to greatly reduce everyday stress, improve your overall wellness, and achieve your goals.

Here’s how you can systematically tidy up and organize your home without wasting a lot of time and effort.

Start with the garage

There’s no doubt the garage is one of the most cluttered and overcrowded areas of the house that doubles as the makeshift storage space for anything and everything from garden tools, spare car parts, etc. 

Begin by sorting and identifying items stacked in your garage so you can assess can be grouped, also you may start disposing of things that are no longer needed and only leave the ones that are currently and being used.

Then, clear the walls of the garage and hang some pegboards with tool hooks installed. To accurately space the items to hang, make sure to create an outline of the items or tools for hanging so you may be able to maximise the hanging space to accommodate them.

With this, you organize your tools and items, making them easily accessible and saving you time from looking for them in the clutter.

Save on laundry time

Assign a laundry bag or basket for each member of your household and once the laundry is done, immediately return their laundry items when done so that it gets back to its intended place in their drawers and closets, rather than place all items in one area of the house and never gets touched. 

This will cut your laundry time in half and teach family or household members to take the responsibility to take care of their items rather than let one person do everything alone.

Designate kitchen spaces

Nowadays, the kitchen has become the centre of activity for most homes and is not just limited to cooking and eating. 

Family members or housemates have grown accustomed to using the kitchen table for work, activity time, reading, and just about anything.

To minimise or eliminate clutter, designate an area for each of the most common activities that occur in the kitchen and assign someone to take charge of that area. 

Being able to organise these spaces will help make it easier and empower each one in the home to call the shots in their respective “jurisdictions.”

Write it down

Make a simple inventory of all items found in the home and assign a space for it. This will help you have access to those items faster and with the least effort. 

Also, make a binder for all your important files and documents. These may include all your property title, stock certificates, emergency contact details, and other important information. 

If you have a secure filing cabinet or vault, place your binder inside it. You may want to reserve some extra folders in it so that as you go on day by day, you find documents, invoices, or valuable forms that may go into it.

Create a charging station

Whether it’s a unitary charging hub or separate chargers, make sure to designate an area close to a wall outlet as a charger station where you can find all your phone and mobile device chargers. Having these items laying around the house can be very irritating especially when you are in a hurry.

Go minimalist

Let’s face it, you can only use one household item at a time and hoarding can be a real pain especially when you cannot find enough space to store it. 

Yes, buying things at a bargain can be a good thing, but it becomes a headache and an eyesore when it just keeps on lying around and gathering dust.

Start letting go of items that you do not use or need. You can organise a rummage sale or donate it. 

The sooner that you start letting go, the sooner you will be able to free yourself of that excess baggage and make your home clutter-free, tidy, and well-organised.

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