Creating Your Perfect Home Office In Simple Ways

Creating Your Perfect Home Office In Simple Ways

Working from home is considered a new “normal” amidst the COVID-19 pandemic that necessitates this method and is currently adopted by most companies around the world.

While the remote work environment is not a new concept, the current global crisis calls for most of the modern-day workforce to adapt to this model.

But this work from home concept also comes with a lot of factors that disrupt the traditional and accepted workplace norms that require people to get more accustomed to.

For instance, workers have more freedom in self-managing their work environment in the physical absence of their superiors, eliminate commuting to work, and disruption from the routine practices commonly applied to on-site work environments.

To those who are new to this concept, it may take a bit more time and effort to adapt to it.

Here some simple yet effective hacks in developing your home office.

Finding the right space

You need to have your own private space in your home that you could dedicate to work.

Your work area ideally must have your desk, chair, and basic desktop or laptop where you do your work.

It would be wise to remove any appliance or electronic gadget that could cause distractions such as a television, gym equipment, etc. so you could focus on work and avoid getting distracted.

This must be intended for work and not your recreational room, library, or entertainment room. Since it is your home office it would be wise to close it at the end of the day or walled off to separate your living and work areas.

Dedicate a work phone aside from your mobile device and give out your work contact details only when exchanging professional credentials. Avoid getting tempted to give your number which must be set aside only for family members and private matters.

Avoid checking or reading emails during time off or weekends as it could throw off your work/life balance.

Organise your workspace

It may be tempting to do as you please with your workspace, but make sure to avoid doing so as it could cause you to get too comfortable in your work environment and cause you to become unproductive.

Make sure to properly organise your workspace by filing documents properly, minimise clutter from your desk and make sure to limit items that are necessary for your work and not your personal effects or distracting appliances.

Be comfortable, but not too much

Allocate enough space in your work area to help you walk around instead of just sitting down the whole day.

You may be able to incorporate some creature comforts into your home office just enough to allow you some semblance of freedom and rest from busy work. However, avoid putting too much emphasis on your comfort than what is necessary so you can maintain the proper balance between work and breaks.

Proper and ample lighting

Having your home office properly lighted can be better than having a spectacular view, especially when you have limited options in finding space for your home office. Whenever possible, you may take advantage of natural lighting by situating your desk beside a window or under an ideal light source.

You might be surprised to get added benefits from natural lighting that have been found to improve productivity, mood, and comfort.

Put some colour

Colour tones or hues have been found to affect work environments. Generally, white and grey hues are common favourites. A white room provides a clean vibe and incorporating some artistic designs and patterns can also boost your mood and productivity.

Just be careful not to use strong designs or artwork that can cause distractions and cause you to lose focus on your work.

The work from the home model may be new to many people, people need to adapt to this new norm because the world and work must go on for the sake of the global economy. The world must keep on turning even and must not stop because of the threat of COVID19.

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