Make A Flat Pack Kitchen Without Getting Into A Fight

Make A Flat Pack Kitchen Without Getting Into A Fight

Undertaking a project as a couple can be a good bonding activity, however, it is not without its challenges.

One of these is setting up and assembling a flat pack kitchen that can either end up great or becomes a battle of the sexes.

Regardless of the perceived outcomes, undertaking the joint project as a couple does not only require skill but is best done with the purpose of strengthening intimacy and the value of mutual cooperation.

When everything goes according to plan, then you will be able to see amazing results.

Follow instructions carefully

The first thing you do when opening up your boxed-up flat pack kitchen, the first thing you do is look for the manual or assembly instructions.

Make no mistake, the instructions are generally prepared with clear information and do not require the mind of a scientist to figure out.

The same goes in a relationship context that understanding the manual simple means following the step by step process.

So make sure this is clear to both.

Share the responsibility and delegate effectively

Be mindful of your unique individual skills and determine which roles can be delegated. For instance, if you are good at installing the screws, you can take on the role and have your partner organize and arrange the pieces.

Always check warranty guidelines

Make sure to carefully read the warranty details, especially on actions that can void the warranty such as improper handling or dismantling. This will help you both understand what you are about to work on and be conscious about the correct way of handling it. It will also help you check if the item has been received in proper order, lack any component, etc.

Use the right tools

Always follow manufacturer instructions regarding the use of tools when assembling the flat pack kitchen. For instance, do not use a knife or a spoon to turn the screws when it asks for a screwdriver. You could end up hurting yourselves other than damaging the screw heads or threads.

To avoid screws from falling off, you can apply liquid nails to join panels before drilling holes or fixing the screws.

Develop a system

This can help speed up and ensure that the work is done correctly. Here is an example that you can use for the project;

  • Plan everything in advance
  • Make sure you have all the pieces laid out and checked for availability or the lack of it.
  • Ensure that the pieces are mapped out accordingly.
  • Number the parts that coincide with your mapped plan.
  • Just open one box at a time to avoid mixing all parts together.
  • Make sure to keep cardboard boxes away from the work area.
  • Install the cabinet and shelving first and leave the doors for last.
  • Make templates for parts or components that need to be installed evenly such as door handles, hinges, slides, etc.

Plan and manage your time

Be realistic about your time planning and projections to have the product completed. What would take professionals a day or two to complete, would take you weeks to do on your own level.

Get help

When you feel that both of you could not manage to do it, you can enlist the help of your kids, neighbours, or friends to help you out. There are no hard and fast rules for setting up your own flat pack kitchen, just as long as you have fun doing it and enjoy the quality time that you spend together.

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