Why You Need To Declutter Your Home Before Selling

Why You Need To Declutter Your Home Before Selling

Buying or selling a home is both an emotional and financial decision, which oftentimes makes it difficult for people to decide how and when to sell it off.

In order to make it a bit easier to do so, a seller may decide to declutter the home to establish an emotional connection so that buyers can get to see themselves making it their new sanctuary and comfort zone.

Decluttering is an art

Decluttering is not just about cleaning out the property or stripping it bare, rather it is more about showcasing and highlighting the property’s best assets by taking away things or fixtures that could distract or discourage buyers.

It is about aiming to establish a neutral and welcoming atmosphere that allows potential buyers to see the condition and size of the property, as well as them living in it.

For the better part, it involves removing and taking out personal items such as collectibles, family images or memorabilia. It also includes appliances and furniture that can overwhelm the natural space of a room in the house.

Give yourself ample time

The best way to declutter the home is to do it way in advance before selling it. Take time to thoroughly inspect every inch of the property, if needed, before contacting your real estate agent about your plan to sell.

It is recommended that you remove decorations or knickknacks from flat surfaces which may include, but not limited to kitchen benches, cupboards, windowsills, bookshelves, etc. Make sure to assess every piece to determine its appropriateness or suitability and make use only of those that would match with each space.

Make sure to limit the number of pieces by not exceeding three items in space to avoid having the buyer’s attention distracted.

You can also replace it with neutral items such as a small flower vase, potted plant, or a fruit basket.

Taking out the personal elements

While personal memorabilia such as medals, trophies, pictures, and collectibles may carry a lot of sentimental value to you, it does not for your potential buyer.

People have different preferences and some of those can be extremely opposite from yours or could sometimes conjure negative memories and put off a potential buyer.

In order to play safe make sure to remove anything of personal value and replace it with neutral items or décor that provide general appeal or neutrality for any space.

Oh, and don’t forget to plug the hook holes in the wall where you took out the frames to make it look nice and clean.

Just the right size

Furniture can largely impact the feel and size of a room, which not many people realise and understand. Buyers always want to see the actual situation of a room and having an oversized couch can impede the process.

Make sure to provide an appropriate number of furniture such as chairs and tables or a couch that can basically fit two or three people in a room, or removing a couch for a much smaller room and replace it with a chair or coffee table.

Always remember to open up the spaces in rooms to allow for natural light and allow users to see the actual size of the room and let them imagine how they would like to go about decorating or setting it up.

Be mindful of what your buyers would like see the property and allow them to see it down to its bare essentials. Remember that buyer preferences are always hinged on how they want to see and decorate their future comfort zones and sanctuaries.

Decluttering is a way to help sellers boost their chances by letting their buyers make their decisions to purchase the property and letting them find themselves being able to make that connection.

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