Moving house? Here’s how to make it easy and worry-free

Moving house? Here’s how to make it easy and worry-free

Just thinking about it can be stressful, what with all the things you have to pack up and take along. 

Aside from planning out what to do first, you have to contend with other stressful considerations such as your budget, organising your belongings, finding a common schedule, and a whole lot more.

Moving house can be a pretty intimidating activity unless you know how to do it right and make it easy for yourself which is totally possible and realisable.

Surprisingly, there are several practical and convenient ways to make moving house easy and simple. Here are some of those tips to relieve you of the headaches of moving house;

Let it go

Deciding what to bring to your new house can be quite tricky and could end up eating up most of your time. In order to help you simplify the process, check all of the things you have collected and hoarded in the past years. 

Surely, while some of it may truly be useful enough, there would definitely be those things that would render themselves useless and surprisingly, there could be a lot.

Before packing, go through your closets, drawers, and other storage areas. Identify the items that you use on an everyday or regular basis- these are the things you could probably hang on to. 

You may want to discard things that you do not see any use for in the near or foreseeable future. The verdict? Get rid of the clutter. You’ll surely be glad you disposed of it and will surely be a load off your shoulders.

Prioritise your essentials and pack your own go-bag, which could contain a towel, couple of shirts and pants, phone charger, snacks, drinking water, underwear, toiletries, and other everyday stuff that you can easily unpack and use to avoid going through boxes of items just to find everyday things that you need.

Plan and start early

Getting stressed out can be worrisome and lets you make rash decisions. So, to avoid making mistakes, plan ahead and start early. 

If you plan to move house, establish your own plan of action weeks or even months ahead. You can do it during your days off work or allocate time once or twice a week to get organized and plan your moving activities.

Start packing one room at a time

Pack your things methodically and do it one room at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed by the stuff at home. You do not have to do this a day before you move, but can be planned out weeks or days before. It lets you save a lot of time and effort, which can also help you assess the amount of stuff you would be taking along.

It also frees you from the dilemma of not figuring out what to start packing.

ID your items

Developing a simple labelling system could go a long way and helps you keep track of things so you could also plan where to put them in your new house.

Organising your belongings can help a lot in unpacking your things as well, as you would know which item goes where instead of just throwing boxes everywhere and you end up making a mess looking for something you forgot which box you put it in.

One good way to do this is to categorise your things and use index cards to note down the contents of each box. 

Get help

You may consider calling in some friends to help out or hire some help if you have some cash to spare. You may get overwhelmed in packing and loading your stuff that you end up losing precious time in taking off to clean the place you’ll be vacating.

If you plan on hiring a moving service, you may want to schedule it earlier in the day when possible, which could give you a bit more time to check out everything before leaving the house and let you move into your new home before nightfall.

Also, another reason to schedule early is the level of energy and productivity of the moving personnel assigned to you, especially when they have more than one scheduled appointments in the day.  A later schedule could mean they have been engaged in one or two transfers earlier in the day and could lower down their productivity and energy levels.

Another idea is to schedule a weekday transfer since most people often take advantage of moving house during the weekends when they are off work. Many moving companies agree that weekday moves are not common, so you may want to take advantage of this.

The things that make you feel nervous and overwhelmed when moving house are often predicated by the lack of preparation and planning. Following the simple steps that were enumerated can surely help you get started on your feet with fewer worries and none of the stress.

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