10 Things that must be on your open home to-do list

10 Things that must be on your open home to-do list

cleaning-windowsWe’re not sure what’s more frustrating, buying a house or attempting to sell one. Demand leads to offers, and offers can ultimately lead to goals – financial or otherwise.

But first, it’s your responsibility as the vendor to create this buyer appeal and demand for your home.

So, how do you do that? By utilising several open house schedules.

Let’s take a look at 11 critical things to set up your open house for success.

1. Turn on every single light

Turning on all the lights in the house just few half an hour or so while potential buyers are taking a squiz. This enhances the houses’ feel and warmth, creating a homely atmosphere. When we say every light, we mean it. Lamps, downlights, lights above the stove, the whole shebang! All this light will highlight shiny and stainless steel areas as well.

2. Colour

Adding even the most intricate and subtle display pieces improve the appeal of almost any room. A fruit bowl, or other vibrant means of representation will provide that breathe of fresh air to buyers looking through. Grab a pretty, fresh bunch of flowers and place them in a dull vase on the kitchen bench to bring out the colour even more. Remember, bright colours like yellows, pinks and reds are more effective in your rooms with earth-toned décor.

3. Clean the windows

Give your windows a good, thorough scrub. If you have kids, chances are there’s a thousand finger prints and only god knows what else on those glass areas. No one likes to see gritty windows. A quick clean with some household products will do the trick.

4. Improve your bedding

Make sure your bedroom materials match. Arrange and integrate pillows with sheets and cushions. The right colours and tones in the bedroom can really assist with creating a luxurious buyer perception.

5. Adapt to the day

Adapt and organise your home to suit the day of your open house. If it’s a freezing-cold, wet and windy day outside, light a fire or make sure you provide adequate heating. If it’s a scorcher, offer some iced water, lemonade or some sliced summer fruit to people.

6. Pay attention to outdoor areas

Make sure outdoor areas including patios, verandas, terraces or decks are free of junk. In addition to this, trim overgrown edges or lawn areas that may look untidy, and any water features etc. that may be outdated or not working are best removed altogether if possible.

7. Remove clutter

Walk around your house as if you were interested in buying it. Do you see anything that may ruin the experience for your guests? What looks out of place? Generally people don’t realise when they have too much stuff for the space that it’s in. Perhaps get a friend who hasn’t visited in a while to come and do a preliminary inspection for feedback purposes.

8. Bake

Bake a plate of shortbread and ANZAC bikkies for your guests to enjoy. Not only do they have something delicious to snack on, but that aroma of freshly baked food throughout your home will create a pleasurable memory that will only be associated with your home.

9. Toy organisation

It’s understandable that kids have toys, usually too many, and it can be difficult to keep them in some sort of order. If you’re unable to store them out of sight, make sure they arranged nicely on shelves or up high where people won’t be tripping over them.

10. Hide personal belongings

It’s not a good idea to display personal belongings or items associated with privacy or confidence in clear view of everyone walking around your place. They probably won’t intentionally pick something up and read a document, for example, however it may not be in good taste display such things. Just also be wary of what could be in your bathroom, bedroom or other areas that you want to keep private.

Our tips are sure to trigger a few forgotten elements of your home’s interior and exterior! Follow our guide and you can do no wrong.

Good luck with the Open Home!

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