Essential Cleaning Tips For Pets At Home

Essential Cleaning Tips For Pets At Home

When it comes to health and sanitation when it comes to humans the same goes with pets, whether it be a dog, cat, bird, reptile or fish.

Pet ownership is not just limited to owning an animal companion, but it does entail certain responsibilities, especially making sure that each surrounding you will expose your pet to is conducive to good health and hygiene? Why should you do so?

Just like their human counterparts, pets – including those well-sheltered at home –  are also prone to sickness and diseases especially when their immune system is down.  Like us humans, our pet animals are also susceptible to relatively similar health conditions that can endanger their lives as well.

A veterinary research group noted that in the last five years, pet treatment cases have been increasing through the years. Surprisingly, diabetes has been reported as one of the top pet diseases with a significant increase in reported incidence since 2011.

Out of the 2.5 million dogs and 500,000 cats treated by a number of veterinary hospitals in Australia covered in the study, diabetes cases went up by 32% for dogs and 16% for cats.

The same may be true for cases that could have been reported by pet hospitals and veterinary clinics, but what’s striking to know is that among the top-ranking health problems for pets are considered controllable and preventable.

Diabetes is the leading illness affecting home pets, followed by heartworm infestation, dental problems, otitis externa, flea and tick infestation and internal parasites.

According to pet health experts, these health risks can easily be managed with proper hygiene and sanitation at home, except for chronic health problems or conditions that may require the attention of veterinarians.

Here are four best pet cleaning practices that can be practised at home and can prove helpful in preventing these diseases and illnesses from affecting your beloved pets.

Prevent dirt or outdoor effects from getting into the house

Dirt, sand, leaves or mud exposed to outside elements could carry microorganisms or unwanted microbes from making any contact with your living space, so make sure to have your pets cleaned before entering the house.

Keep a piece of towel or a shallow water basin close to your home entrance to allow for cleaning your pets before entering. It could also save you time from scrubbing floors from nasty stains or prints.

Take advantage of a lint roller or portable vacuum

Lint rollers can pick up hair from any surface, so have one handy and available. Same with a vacuum cleaner for picking up dirt or other stuff your pets need to avoid.

Sanitise and deodorise

Make sure to always sanitise play stuff or things that your pets usually put in their mouths. Also, make sure to deodorise areas where they frequent prevent creating breeding areas for pests.

Regularly change clean litter boxes

Ensure that poop does not stay long in litter boxes or get too exposed to the atmosphere to avoid breeding unwanted parasites and pests that could pose health risks to your pets.

By following these home cleaning tips, not only do you ensure the health of your pets, but you also enjoy disease and health risk-free home for you and your family.

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