How To Properly Set up Your Remote Or Home Office

How To Properly Set up Your Remote Or Home Office

Even when the world is starting to return to what it was before the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses and workers have grown accustomed to the work from home arrangement.

In fact, there are quite a number of businesses that have adapted well and have seriously considered making the WFH model a permanent component of their businesses.

Even from a real estate perspective, many agents have seen the benefits of running their professional services and some agencies from home or in a remote location.

However, the WFM arrangement may not be an ideal set-up for everyone, especially for those who could easily fall into the trap of complacency or laziness, especially in the absence of physical supervision or management.

Some are just not comfortable with the remote setup for reasons that they are more acclimated to the physical workplace or office location.

Nonetheless, it is something worth trying and could take some time to get used to.

Also, here are some effective tips in setting up your home or remote office to help you get into the working vibe and ensure your productivity day in and day out.

Find a suitable location

You might be tempted to combine your work and comfort space for convenience and ease of access, right?

Forget about it, because no matter how you try to justify it, it’s a recipe for disaster. Think about oil and water, they do not mix. The same thing goes with work and relaxation.

What you should be looking for is an area where you can focus on doing your work and be spared from all sorts of distractions, just as you would expect it to be in a physical office scenario.

If you have an extra room at home, furnish it as you would in an office. If you have limited space, you can designate a corner further from any sort of distractions such as main doors, windows, access to the kitchen, etc.

Find a space that provides adequate natural light and proper ventilation. Don’t forget electrical sockets where you need to plug in your computer and other work devices.

Prepare and design your workspace

Make sure you find a desk that could accommodate your work devices and allow you some space to have a notepad, pen or phone handy for notetaking.

Organise your workspace and avoid getting it cluttered with stuff that is not needed or relevant to your nature of work.

Less clutter, fewer distractions, less stress.

Inviting and comfortable

You must maintain your productivity during your work period, but of course, you should never ignore your need for comfort as well.

The rule of thumb is to also make sure that your comfort at your desk or work area should also make you feel more comfortable and does not cause you to be distracted because of discomfort from sitting for long periods or on a chair without adequate cushion.

You can start by investing in a good quality office chair, one that provides you with an ergonomic feel and makes you comfortable to allow you to be at your best without distractions getting in the way.

Condition your mind

It’s critical that you set boundaries and do not intermingle work with relaxation or leisure. Focus your attention on work when you are in your work area and start establishing the habit of having the right mindset for work.

Make a work schedule and ensure that you stick to it. At the end of the day, you also make sure to leave work behind your work area or home office the moment you set your foot out and focus on giving yourself the relaxation you need after a day at work.

In no time, you will be able to master your time and schedule. All it takes is some discipline and determination to make your work from home experience enjoyable, memorable, and productive.

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