How To Make The Most Out Of Your Home Office

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Home Office

Working from home is becoming a common practise around the world and while this may not be a new one, many people accustomed to the traditional workplace have found transitioning to it quite a bit challenging.

But it does not have to be that way, because with proper planning and having the right mindset, you can easily breeze through such a transition and be more productive when you have a dedicated home office.

Find a good area

As a basic standard, you need to have your workspace. Your work area ideally must have your desk, chair, and basic desktop or laptop where you do your work.

It would be wise to remove any appliance or electronic gadget that could cause distractions such as a television, gym equipment, etc. so you could focus on work and avoid getting distracted.

Make sure that this work area is intended for what it is, not your recreational room, library, or entertainment area.

Consider it your home office which you close at the end of the day or walled off to separate your work and living areas.

Make sure to dedicate a “work phone” aside from your mobile device. Only give your work contact details when exchanging professional credentials or contact details and do not get tempted to give your number which you need to set aside for family and private matters.

Don’t get tempted to check emails during time off or weekends as it could throw off your work-life balance.

Create a timeframe and routine

A flexible work-from-home schedule gives you the option to manage your own time for work and off. But without a proper work programme, you could easily lose control of time and end up working all night and sleeping all day.

Do this by setting a time to work, schedule your breaks, and staying away from distractions such as watching television, checking social media feeds, or go out for a cup of coffee.

You can do so by replicating your work from home time with that of your office work routine and develop the discipline to stay committed to following it.

Make sure to also reward yourself as much as you would after a day at work.

Always consider work-life balance

Set your work parameters and one that can make you productive throughout your work period. You can’t be too comfortable and spend the entire day sitting down or breaks whenever you want.

Manage your time well by scheduling your breaks and give yourself enough time to stand up and walk around or do some quick exercises.

Consider it as your health investment, since ill health can be costly when you get sick due to a sedentary work routine.

Also, avoid the temptation of having a fridge or cooler in your workspace filled with snacks and sugary beverages.

Set expectations with housemates

Having people around at home such as kids or other family members can affect your work routine, so make sure to set expectations with family members our housemates about the need for you to focus on work.

Ensuring the right work-life balance is important but can be challenging if you live with other people. So, make sure to adhere to your work hours and make time for your family and loved ones.

Also, set restrictions for friends dropping by at any time during the day to pull you out of your work zone.

It would be good to designate your workspace where you could dedicate time and focus on work, such as a room in the house. Make sure to advise your family regarding this workspace so they can steer clear when they have to.

Practice good time management

Always know and be aware of your mental and physical limits. Find the best time of the day that you could dedicate for work and work on establishing that rhythm especially if that’s what makes you productive and efficient.

There may be a lot of different things to consider when working from home and if you cannot develop the discipline of staying committed to your work schedules you may end up less productive and inefficient.

With the right mindset and determination, you may be able to adapt to the remote work environment and acclimate to it in the long term.

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