Designing and Decorating Your Indoor Garden The Easy Way

Designing and Decorating Your Indoor Garden The Easy Way

With more people currently spending more time at home, it’s not surprising to find people making the most out of their indoor surroundings to enhance indoor aesthetics.

Among the most popular today are indoor gardens that add some greenery into their homes for a more refreshing feel and at the same time, provide some element of contrast from the stress and pressures of working from home.

Finding plants that thrive indoors can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you are not familiar with flora and fauna species. Nonetheless, with the internet and some time to research, you may just find it exciting and fun.

Beginner plant varieties

Remember that not all plants can thrive indoors, including ornamental varieties. Depending on your home’s atmosphere or area climate, finding the right plant varieties are vital in enhancing the aesthetics and survivability of your indoor garden.

For starters, you may want to focus your attention on low-maintenance plants. There are hardy varieties that thrive year-round and require very little attention such as pruning or watering.


One example is the monstera which is a large-leafed palm-like tropical plant. The leaves possess a rich green colour. It can be planted on a pot or a fixed indoor lot. Its name is coined from its propensity to grow large and may need more space for it to grow bigger.

It requires less maintenance and can easily thrive indoors. Just make sure to occasionally allow it to bask under the sun to maintain its bright green colour.

Peace lily

Another variety is the peace lily, which is also a hardy plant and has an additional purpose that serves as an amazing air-purifier. Its lush and shiny leaves provide a good natural contrast to your indoor space and enjoy a “flower” which is a modified leaf that naturally “blossoms” only once or twice a year.

They don’t need a lot of sunlight and thrive in shaded areas. However, this is a tropical plant that prefers warm climates so it is best kept away from cold air-conditioned rooms or areas.


Also known as devil’s ivy, this vine provides a jungle-like feel to your indoor garden. It is known for its heart-shaped leaves and can be propagated using cuttings and can easily grow roots in a small container of water. 

It is also a low-light vine plant that can be a good addition to areas or rooms without much natural light coming in.

Intermediate plant varieties

These plant varieties may require a bit more attention and care, but can provide good colour contrasts and provide some diversity in your indoor garden.


A very interesting plant variety that thrives in humid areas but does not require much light to thrive. Do take note, however, that it can be a bit fussy to care for but just make sure that they are not doused in too much water and make sure the pot is provided with adequate drainage.

Giant bird of paradise

As its name suggests, it does resemble a bird. It is a tropical plant that loves sunlight and when properly cared for, blooms with a blue and white flower during warmer months of the year. 

It can be grown up to six metres but can also withstand indoor conditions as long as it is properly given attention as prescribed.

Trending varieties

Due to the pandemic, people found time to pursue new hobbies and caring for plants or gardening has become a popular pastime.

People have become more familiar with plant types and have embraced a “green” culture that spurred their interest to embark on establishing their indoor gardens.

Here are some more common and popular plant varieties that are making the rounds of plant aficionados everywhere.

Ficus Audrey

A species belonging to the fiddle leaf fig family, its leaves resemble that of a rubber tree with a velvety texture and sports a matte finish.

This plant variety adores indirect sunlight and it can be placed in a room with large windows.

Mini monstera

The mini version of its larger cousin, the mini monstera has the same leaf detail and shape but does not grow as large.

Ideal for smaller places or areas, the upside is that it also requires less maintenance just like its larger counterpart.

Raven ZZ

The Raven ZZ is a suitable plant for most indoor gardens and can thrive in almost all types of light levels, just as long as it is kept away from direct sunlight.

Its dark-coloured leaves make it a dramatic addition to the indoor garden. It does not require constant watering and can only be done weekly or even monthly and planted on a well-drained plot to prevent it from getting drenched in water.

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