Living in style in a rental home

Living in style in a rental home

tenants. One of the biggest considerations of tenants is the idea that they do not own the rented space and any change in the property may constitute a violation on a lease or rent contract.

However, it does not mean just because you are a tenant you have to sacrifice your sense of style. In fact, there are several ways to pursue your style goals or give justice to your creative or aesthetic wishes.

Although it may not apply to every rental property, there are still a lot of options that you can exhaust to try and realise your creative styling ideas.

Ask permission

Before you start anything, make sure that you first ask for permission from your landlord or property manager. Sometimes, all it takes is just some convincing to allow the property owner to grant your wishes, provided that it is done in good taste and does not in any way go against the wishes of the owner.

Try to present your ideas in a way that would entice your landowner to agree to your plans such as the interior layout or d├ęcor of the rented area, or that your designs could reinforce some areas that could need some repairs and by doing it could be the solution.

You can also package your ideas in a way that could add more value to the property and show your sincerity in making the area more attractive and beautiful than before. Most landowners would not hesitate to approve it as long as your intentions are well-meant and sincere.

Do not go for the permanent

It is always ideal to limit your ideas on modifications that could affect the integrity of the house or room structure, such as breaking down walls or re-tiling floors. Make sure to respect the wishes of the landlord and do not force your ideas that may not work for them.

As much as possible, establish a compromise so that both parties may have a mutual understanding of the limitations and extent of the project.

If you do not find the flooring too appealing, you may try to cover it with some rustic rugs or loose carpets which can add colour or change the look of the floors.

For the walls, you may propose some of your designs, such as initially applying a fresh coat of paint or change the colour. You could also make some accents or designs to it, as long as you do not break it down if the landlord does not want to.

Accessorise and decorate

There are a lot of creative ways to accessorise your living space. You can use furniture or home appliances to accentuate your living space.

Bringing in some ornamental plants can help with adding some green and natural elements into the room, or you can put up some fancy or framed artwork. If your landlord does not want you to drill holes in the walls for the frames, you can choose to use double-sided adhesive or mounting tapes, which you can remove without damaging the paint job or chip the walls.

There are a lot of ways to put your signature style in a rented space. Just make sure to do the work of seeking permission and presenting your plan in a way that could benefit both the landlord and yourself as the tenant.

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